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Bagel Mistake In The Break Room

Posted in Random Stuff with tags , , , , , , , on September 13, 2012 by Dustin

I usually don’t rant too much, well at least not on this blog, but this morning I witnessed something so bizarre and unexplainably dumb that I had to share. Bare with me while I get this out.

I am in training this week. Every dayI have a ritual. I get to the training facility and clean out my cup, get a coffee and a bagel, and head to class. Everyday there is a bagel in the tray that is halved. Usually someone will take one half of a bagel and leave the other since they didn’t want a whole bagel. Someone has been halving the bagel that is already sliced right down the middle leaving one half top piece and one half bottom piece. Basically rendering this bagel untoastable, which is annoying but I get around it and use another whole bagel instead. Really this is a first world problem and I don’t care. (I can’t eat seeds due to some intestinal issues, so if there are no bagels left without seeds then I do get a little upset.) This morning I saw the lady who has been cutting bagels in half.

I had assumed who ever was messing up bagels was eating them cold, but today I came in to the break room and found a lady fishing bagel pieces out of the toaster. She had cut the bagel then stuck the pieces into the toaster where they were hard to get out, WTH?! So I am looking at this thinking, “What a dumb ass.” Then she goes to put cream cheese on it… with a spoon. She couldn’t find a knife, which I found in two seconds, so she used a spoon. She didn’t use the handle of the spoon which is similar enough to a knife, she used the spoon to scoop the cheese out and then tried to spread it around. I offered her the knife I found and she says, “Oh that’s ok, I’m almost done anyway.” Yeah might as well finish up the round trip of your stupidity.

Broken Bagel

WTH? Noooo!

After typing this up it does seem petty to be upset about this, which really I’m not but I do think it was peculiar. It does scare me that this person is training to work on computers at the school in my area. Good thing I don’t need to have someone else work on my machines, I may get the bagel genius.

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