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Helping Dad With Technology

Posted in Random Stuff with tags , , , , , , , on November 7, 2012 by Dustin

I am helping my Dad this coming weekend with a new phone. He’s been talking to me for some time about getting a working smart phone and decided on the iPhone 5.  I will be making the trek to his house (2 hour drive) and trying my best to teach him how to use it. He has had issues with his portable phone at his house so this could be a challenge. He is up for it though and I know he’ll like the phone and all of its features.




I don’t get out much to see him but we talk on the phone about once a week or so. Since he lives so far away and I have such a busy schedule it makes it hard for me to stop by for quick visits and I have to plan full day trips. I try my best to get as much done for him while I’m out there since he won’t see me for a few months once I leave. He is technologically challenged though and will have lots of questions once I’m gone so hopefully the iPhone is simple enough for him to deal with on his own and not make him feel like he is wasting the 40 a month he is paying for it through my plan.

The one bummer about going up there this weekend is that the gallery I have written about in the past, the Walking Gallery, is being filmed by a local documentarian that night and I will miss it. I am ok with missing it due to the reason, helping my dad, but it’s still a bummer. Hopefully she will also be out the next month to witness what I have to offer. Until then I will be showing a 60 year old what an App is and how to reboot the phone if it freezes. Se la vie. I hope your weekend is good and thanks for stopping by.


Cooking With The Kid

Posted in Stuff With My Kid with tags , , , , , on August 15, 2011 by Dustin

My Daughter and I entered a Pie Making contest yesterday. We were invited to a party that a friend of ours throws every year in their garden. Along with the potluck, party, and hanging in their beautiful garden, they invite people to make pies and enter for 3 bux into a contest. I came up with an idea for a Cherry pie with cheesecake on top. When I went to the store to buy the cherries I found the cost to be prohibitive for a friendly pie contest (it would have cost me 20 bux to buy the cherries, no way). So I chose the cheaper option of strawberry pie with cheesecake on top. I made the crust the night before and then my daughter and I made the pie all day. I say all day because we had to go back to the store about 4 times and we finished the pies about an hour and half before the party which was at 6pm.

I love cooking with my daughter and she seems to enjoy herself after she gets over the fact that I forced her off the computer/texting to help me. We usualy have lots of things to discuss while we hang together in the kitchen and make whatever it is we’re making. With the pie she helped me prep and clean the fruit, prep the cream cheese filling that coated the bottom of the pies, and get things out of the fridge or into the trash as we moved through the process.

I usually force my kid to hang with me. She will chose to stay online or in her room if I don’t make her go with me. She usualy bitches about it but after we get out into the world to shop or go run some errands, she has fun and we laugh about lots of things together. I even started posting quotes on my Twitter and Facebook called Zoe Quotes because she is so hilarious. I am grateful that I have such a close relationship with my daughter because as I have seen and heard from many women in the world and Dads aren’t holding up their end of the bargain in the majority of cases. I couldn’t imagine shopping weekly without her by my side cracking jokes and getting the groceries purchased. I couldn’t imagine not sharing her ups and downs and trying to give her advice that she ignores and or mocks.


Yummy Pie, now get it out of the house before i eat it.

We didn’t win the pie contest (even though ours was the most eaten) but we did win yet another awesome experience together which will live with her for the rest of her life. I hope I can always be there to give her the positive  experiences she remembers and not the negative ones she tries to forget.

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