Festival Of Art

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This weekend my wife and I shared a booth at the local college for their art festival. There were quite a few cool artists running booths but not so much crowd. Colleges on a weekend are pretty quiet and there isn’t much thorough-fair or street traffic in that area. We did have a ton of family show up to hang out and talk but that ended up filling the booth so that I couldn’t get in and I got my head burnt standing in the sun all day 😦 Oh well, it was a good exercise to get the stuff out and put up a booth to see the process so I know what to expect if we want to do another one some day in the future. Also we got some prints made while we were hanging out!

After the festival from Saturday afternoon to Sunday night I worked on my haunted house. This will be our 15th year doing them! We chose clowns as this year’s theme which will be the third time we’ve done them. They are always a hit with the performers. The name of this year’s house is Circus Freaks. I got the whole garage emptied out (which is no small feat) and half the walls up. Once I start making some progress I’ll probably post some pictures. If you live in the area you can find out all the info on the Haunted House Facebook Page.


Figuratively Drawing Attention To Myself

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Tonight I went to Perma Dirty in Claremont for their first figure drawing session. I was planning to draw and pay my $10 bux and hang out but I got invited to model instead. I had posted on the event page “When can I model?” and Bob Hurton took me up on it. We planned together for me to show up in costume and pose. I put together a super hero outfit of sorts with boxer briefs and a home made mask and scooter. I wanted to bring a BMX bike but it wouldn’t fit in my trunk. There’s always next time.

Sexxy and I Know It

Super Odd

I didn’t think it would be as tough as it was to sit still. The 10 minute poses on my side and laying down were pretty killer and gave me some serious neck and back cramps. The hardest of all was my sitting pose ala the thinker which I held for 20 minutes. My daughter was there helping out for her community service (for government class not because she is a hooligan  and someone asked her if she was disturbed by my poses and her response was, “I’ve seen worse.” I don’t know if she meant she’s seen worse from me or from somewhere else. Bob got me some Reeses Peanut Butter cups as payment but I really would have done this for free. I love trying new things and this was certainly a first.

I need some suggestions for other outfits for figure drawing. I’m not sure if I can do the “Full Monty” as Bob put it, but you never know, I may be down to get crazy. Thanks so much to Jad for being there to help me along the way tonight as well. I couldn’t have done it without the support of everyone at Perma Dirty and my awesome family. I love you all.

Leo Dicaprio I'm Ready For My Portrait

Kate Winslet Aint Got Nothing On Me

Haunted House, Modeling, and Art Festival – October Is Busy

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Haunted House 2011

October is the month of craziness at my house. We prepare the garage all month for our annual haunted house (15th year this year). During that time I also have my normal items to fit in. Some of them, sadly, have to be skipped. I’m afraid I will probably miss the second Saturday art walk in Pomona this month. It sucks too because I really wanted to be a part of the Muppet themed event. Who knows, it may still happen.

This week will be my first creative expression of the month. The local gallery in Claremont, Perma Dirty Project Space, is holding it’s first figure drawing night. I was excited to attend just to draw and be social. I had to open my big mouth, or actually my keyboard, and posted on the event page, “When can I model?” I was joking but within the day I was already a part of the event and will be the last model of the night in what should be one of my most embarrassing public displays yet. I shall post photos on my Facebook page if I can stand to look at them once it’s over.

This weekend I have to run an art booth up at the local college and hopefully sell some of my prints. I will be doing live printing if weather permits and my wife will be selling her wares as well. She has some amazing work that over shadows my attempts to catch up to her brilliance. If you’re in town come on up to Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga on Saturday.

Young At Heart Festival

It looks like I’m going to have to work on the haunted house during the week since my weekends are pretty full. It doesn’t help that it’s still hitting the 100’s out here. Being in the garage in that heat is just not gonna happen. When is Fall gonna arrive already?! Wish me luck as a model this Wednesday!


Animals Make Me Nutz

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I will pee on your couch

Venus The Wonder Poodle

I love animals. I love my animals. I have three cats and a dog (toy poodle, so basically four cats). But they also make me nutz. The dog pees all over the place. No matter how much we try to train her and give her treats for going outside she will still hop on the couch every now and then and let go the bladder from hell. The cats can’t make up their mind what is going on. The orange and white one is oblivious to anything but petting, the gray and white one walks around the house crying all day and night and attacking the other animals, and the kitten is tearing up all the furniture and our skin and beating up on the dog. But theey’re so fluffy and cuddly you might say, does that make up for all this?

I don’t know if it does or not. I seem to be more frustrated with them lately than usual. Maybe since I turned 40 I have less tolerance for their bullshit. Maybe the kitten added a new dynamic that is driving the other three insane. Who knows but they better get their shit together or they’re all going to be outside animals soon.

If you can sympathize leave your crazy pet stories in the comment section below.

I want to lick your salty body

Tongue Of Sand

Working With Others

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My wife was laid off this week from her job and we’re taking this opportunity to find her something she loves to do rather than a job she has to do. I began by helping her go through a book called I Could Do Anything If I Only I Knew What It Was  by Barbara Sher. This book examines the “What” if you’re having issues nailing down your life dreams. It helps you get passed the guessing game and into action and I hope that my wife can find something that she loves to do.

I Could Do Anything

I Could Do Anything If I Knew What It Was – By Barbara Sher

Working with someone is a challenge, especially when the goal is so unclear. I found myself feeling upset that we couldn’t find the finish line. I guess it’s my manly “Fix It” nature wanting to be rewarded for being such an awesome help, but also I felt like I was letting her down because over a weekend I wasn’t able to help her find that one true calling when she hasn’t yet found it in her 40 years on this earth. What an ego maniac I am. She was very grateful for the help I did give her and while she slept the answer came without my input. She is working on the plan and will fill me in when she is ready.

Working with anyone is always a challenge. Whether its creating something together, or working on a project, or just cooking a meal in the same kitchen. There has to be give and take. Once the take or the give is over compensated for in either direction feelings can get hurt and the relationship, even the brief one in that kitchen, can begin to break down. I have to remember when I’m helping someone that I need to keep their goals and their needs in the forefront. When I insert how I see it, or what I need into the interactions things get squirrely. I am there to provide the input that helps move the other person along. When I insert selfish motives into my actions things get distorted and I am no longer being of maximum use to the other party.

Hopefully my wife’s time on unemployment yields some breakthroughs and she finds the path towards a new job or better yet and adventure that has the byproduct of giving her fulfillment and a small amount of compensation to boot. Whatever happens I am there for her to help her along.

Bagel Mistake In The Break Room

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I usually don’t rant too much, well at least not on this blog, but this morning I witnessed something so bizarre and unexplainably dumb that I had to share. Bare with me while I get this out.

I am in training this week. Every dayI have a ritual. I get to the training facility and clean out my cup, get a coffee and a bagel, and head to class. Everyday there is a bagel in the tray that is halved. Usually someone will take one half of a bagel and leave the other since they didn’t want a whole bagel. Someone has been halving the bagel that is already sliced right down the middle leaving one half top piece and one half bottom piece. Basically rendering this bagel untoastable, which is annoying but I get around it and use another whole bagel instead. Really this is a first world problem and I don’t care. (I can’t eat seeds due to some intestinal issues, so if there are no bagels left without seeds then I do get a little upset.) This morning I saw the lady who has been cutting bagels in half.

I had assumed who ever was messing up bagels was eating them cold, but today I came in to the break room and found a lady fishing bagel pieces out of the toaster. She had cut the bagel then stuck the pieces into the toaster where they were hard to get out, WTH?! So I am looking at this thinking, “What a dumb ass.” Then she goes to put cream cheese on it… with a spoon. She couldn’t find a knife, which I found in two seconds, so she used a spoon. She didn’t use the handle of the spoon which is similar enough to a knife, she used the spoon to scoop the cheese out and then tried to spread it around. I offered her the knife I found and she says, “Oh that’s ok, I’m almost done anyway.” Yeah might as well finish up the round trip of your stupidity.

Broken Bagel

WTH? Noooo!

After typing this up it does seem petty to be upset about this, which really I’m not but I do think it was peculiar. It does scare me that this person is training to work on computers at the school in my area. Good thing I don’t need to have someone else work on my machines, I may get the bagel genius.

Community Drawing, Notes To The Public, and More

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I did a lot this weekend creatively. By the time Sunday football came around I was pretty worn out. It didn’t help that I spent most of Saturday in 100 degrees fixing sprinklers and making multiple trips to the hardware store. This post is going to be picture heavy so I hope you enjoy.

Community Drawing – My First Piece

First thing we did this weekend was Friday at Perma Dirty in Claremont CA. I brought my nephew, daughter, and wife and we joined in the community draw which is going on for the next couple months. All the walls are covered in paper and blank canvases and also some furniture. I chose the chair to start with since it was free and had nothing on it yet.

Nephew's First Drawing

Nephew’s First Drawing Of The Night

Daughter Painting On The Wall

Zoe painting on the wall

After I was done with the chair I moved around the room to admire the work others were working on and chat it up with some friends in attendance. It was pretty warm with all the people and the unusually high humidity for Southern California but we all made due. I saw one guy doing homework next to an amazing artist Cynthia Garcia while she worked diligently on her chalk portrait of the Breaking Bad main star (sorry I don’t have a pic of that).

Doing Homework Is More Interesting To This Guy

Doing Homework Is More Interesting To This Guy

I decided to put a note and an arrow to have fun with this guy. Later he added some math equation which I laughed at. I drew a few more clever doodles and then we left because we were getting tired and hot and wanted to go to bed.

Juicy Weiner

My Juicy Wiener

Nar's Wall

Narwhal’s Like Other Walls


What a Dunce

Slender Man

My Daughter Drew Slender Man

So the next day I spent way too long working on the sprinklers but after that we went down to Pomona to participate in the Walking Gallery. The name for this month’s show was Note To Self. My wife gave me a funny idea which I capitalized on. I took a small white board and a dry erase marker and made funny signs all night to get the people walking by to either laugh or interact with me.

What Are You Looking At?

Good way to get you to look at my crotch

I changed my sign every so often after I got a few laughs. Sometimes I had to wait a little bit for people to pay attention to me. I never called out to anyone. I wanted to be as non available as possible. As if the sign wasn’t very important and if they wanted to look they could but as if it was just part of me not something I was doing. Worked out great!

Some People Laughed, Most Cringed

Some People Laughed, Most Cringed

What do you think they touched?

What do you think they touched?

I like making people laugh and I got quite a few laughs out of this piece. I may revisit this another month if I having nothing else to show since it was so much fun.

Only 1?

Only 1?

On Sunday I watched some football and then went to the opening for the newest Chaffey Review literary and art journal at Simplicitea in Rancho Cucamonga. It was butt-ass hot! So many people showed up and it was good to see but with the stupid heat it was hard to do much but drink tea until I exploded. I have a short story in the latest volume, volume 8, which is my first published short story The Last Words Of Tim Dawson. You can buy a copy by sending them a check. All the details are on the website: http://www.chaffeyreview.org/.

Chaffey Review Volume 8

Chaffey Review Volume 8

Pretty busy weekend. Hopefully next month I can finally get the “Big Project” done that I have all these parts for but haven’t spent any time building. I’ll keep you updated. Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures. Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook page what you thought!

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