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You DO to much, homeboy you never slow down

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , , , on September 8, 2011 by Dustin

I do to much stuff during the week. I am getting burned out but I am also not wanting to get rid of any of my activities. I run a video channel with my daughter on youtube, which we are behind on updating. I run a radio show with her once, sometimes twice, a week on I write in the morning when I haven’t been working late or stressing out all night and not sleeping. I work a full time job which is an hour commute one way minimum every day. I try to get in some art and drawing when I can. I am reading a book currently on my Kindle app on my iPhone. I am planning a haunted house for this Halloween season. I am currently trying to sell three different writing projects that I have finished. (Trying to sell meaning I am putting in time only when I have it, which is almost never, into selling them.) I need to catch a break soon before I go nutz. I did get my first publishing offer though. It was for a short 100 word micro story I wrote.  Nice to finally start getting momentum. A very good friend of mine says I just need to keep my mind and eyes open for the clues God is sending me. It’s obvious my subconscious (side not I just spelled subconscious without spell check on the first try, winning!) is trying to move me in a new direction I just need to be aware and on the look out for the opportunities (whoa, another word with no spell check, 2 in a row biatch!). Maybe I need to start two new projects and that will get me where I want to be? That or this blog will take off and I will get more than 4 readers? I just know that I feel like a monkey with a grape. I better let go of something or it’s gonna kill me.

I'm Nuts

Mmmm Peanut Butter


Want Some Pot Or More?

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on August 5, 2011 by Dustin

So in my ever increasing quest to find things to do besides write I was surfing the new  Pottermore website to find out what it was about. I watched the video from JK and read the secret clue that would take you over to a new site to sign up for an account if you find the Magic Quill. The clue was pretty easy “How many chapters in the Half Blood Prince Book then times that number by 14 and add to the end of the web address above.” The funny thing here is that the number ends up being 420. For anyone not in the know this is the latest Marijuana reference that gets tossed about frequently. Maybe over in the UK they aren’t aware or maybe the web team thought it would be funny to add 420 to the clue of the day. I can just see the web developer smoking some dubeage and out the haze his idea to create a clue appears in the smoke. Either way I thought it was funny and moved on to sign up for my account. Not sure what the site is really about but I love Harry Potter and any way to extend the story is great for me!

Sign Up For Some 420 With A Magic Quill

I Always Knew I was Magical, Now I Have Confirmation!

I have validated my email and I am waiting for the Beta site to let me in. Since it’s free I would suggest anyone who is a fan join and check it out. It will be the only place to get the books for your e-readers I believe. Either way I am excited for more distractions, bring it on!

Welcome aboard, now wait some more...

You’re in, now wait some more….

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