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Video Editing Mondays

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It’s Monday and I’m back to my schedule of working on videos with my daughter after dinner. We haven’t been working on anything in some time due to summer laziness and then October since we focused on Haunted Houses and me getting better from being sick. We both sat down together last week and should finish our video this week on the latest installment of our My Little Pony Heavy Metal Videos.


Heavy Metal Ponies

Heavy Metal Ponies

I love Heavy Metal and my daughter loves My Little Pony so we thought why not combine them. We have a lot of fun making these ridiculous videos and laughing at how they turn out. Check out of few of the videos at .

We’ve also started doing our CLOGS (Car Logs, a.k.a. Car Video Logging). When I drive my kid to school she says some stuff that cracks me up so I like to video our conversations and post them on our other youtube page. We try to get a couple in per week and also post other funny videos from our life on our site as well. We don’t do a ton of editing on these, since they are just a voyeuristic view on our life together. You can view those at .

Hopefully this week I will also help my wife get her first video online. She took us all to a prop rock show by the almighty Rosemary’s Billygoat and we shot footage of the show and got an interview afterwards with Mike Odd. That will be up hopefully this week and I will make sure and post a link as soon as we’re finished editing it and making it pretty.

What kind of video do you like to work with?



Haunted Helpers

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Circus Freakz

This weekend was the official preview weekend of the Odd Family Haunted House. We usually run on the weekend before Halloween to test out all the scares and make sure everything is working properly. This weekend was pretty dead but we were able to get about 20-30 people through and it worked pretty good. We should be able to take what we learned and fix it up to perfection for the big night on Wednesday.

The thing we were missing the most was help. Our family which is always there were either busy, sick, or just plain MIA. The friend of ours that has been jazzed since last year to come back and help was 30 minutes late, and the people who did show up on time we’re fresh meat so I had a little trepidation about their being left alone in their spot to scare unsupervised. People were starting to line up, I was eating dinner and had yet to even get clothes on, typical crazy preview night. Eventually we got some people in some places and let through a group or two. Luckily we were dead and it was ok to be short handed, but it was hard to tell how things were functioning. Everyone involved still had fun scaring people and we’re looking forward to the big show. One cool thing happened though while we were trying to get things working. Some of the neighbors were hanging out and decided to dawn some clown outfits and scare with us. It was great to have the help but also good to have happy neighbors helping out.

Friends Who Dress Up Together Scare Together

Halloween we will have the opposite problem. So far we have all of our friends who want to be involved slated for the 31st so we will have tons of people and not enough scare spots. If you fill the haunted house with people the scaring is less than if you hide and pop out. I am thinking about some special fun outside for the line that is usually non stop all night long. Hopefully it all works out, but really the more the merrier when it comes to screaming and terrorizing the neighborhood. I hope everyone plans for some fun of their own and I’m truly sad for the kids that are on the East coast dealing with the Franken Storm. Stay safe and get candy.

Community Drawing, Notes To The Public, and More

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I did a lot this weekend creatively. By the time Sunday football came around I was pretty worn out. It didn’t help that I spent most of Saturday in 100 degrees fixing sprinklers and making multiple trips to the hardware store. This post is going to be picture heavy so I hope you enjoy.

Community Drawing – My First Piece

First thing we did this weekend was Friday at Perma Dirty in Claremont CA. I brought my nephew, daughter, and wife and we joined in the community draw which is going on for the next couple months. All the walls are covered in paper and blank canvases and also some furniture. I chose the chair to start with since it was free and had nothing on it yet.

Nephew's First Drawing

Nephew’s First Drawing Of The Night

Daughter Painting On The Wall

Zoe painting on the wall

After I was done with the chair I moved around the room to admire the work others were working on and chat it up with some friends in attendance. It was pretty warm with all the people and the unusually high humidity for Southern California but we all made due. I saw one guy doing homework next to an amazing artist Cynthia Garcia while she worked diligently on her chalk portrait of the Breaking Bad main star (sorry I don’t have a pic of that).

Doing Homework Is More Interesting To This Guy

Doing Homework Is More Interesting To This Guy

I decided to put a note and an arrow to have fun with this guy. Later he added some math equation which I laughed at. I drew a few more clever doodles and then we left because we were getting tired and hot and wanted to go to bed.

Juicy Weiner

My Juicy Wiener

Nar's Wall

Narwhal’s Like Other Walls


What a Dunce

Slender Man

My Daughter Drew Slender Man

So the next day I spent way too long working on the sprinklers but after that we went down to Pomona to participate in the Walking Gallery. The name for this month’s show was Note To Self. My wife gave me a funny idea which I capitalized on. I took a small white board and a dry erase marker and made funny signs all night to get the people walking by to either laugh or interact with me.

What Are You Looking At?

Good way to get you to look at my crotch

I changed my sign every so often after I got a few laughs. Sometimes I had to wait a little bit for people to pay attention to me. I never called out to anyone. I wanted to be as non available as possible. As if the sign wasn’t very important and if they wanted to look they could but as if it was just part of me not something I was doing. Worked out great!

Some People Laughed, Most Cringed

Some People Laughed, Most Cringed

What do you think they touched?

What do you think they touched?

I like making people laugh and I got quite a few laughs out of this piece. I may revisit this another month if I having nothing else to show since it was so much fun.

Only 1?

Only 1?

On Sunday I watched some football and then went to the opening for the newest Chaffey Review literary and art journal at Simplicitea in Rancho Cucamonga. It was butt-ass hot! So many people showed up and it was good to see but with the stupid heat it was hard to do much but drink tea until I exploded. I have a short story in the latest volume, volume 8, which is my first published short story The Last Words Of Tim Dawson. You can buy a copy by sending them a check. All the details are on the website:

Chaffey Review Volume 8

Chaffey Review Volume 8

Pretty busy weekend. Hopefully next month I can finally get the “Big Project” done that I have all these parts for but haven’t spent any time building. I’ll keep you updated. Hope everyone enjoyed the pictures. Let me know in the comments below or on my Facebook page what you thought!

Mailing Away For A Good Cause

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PostMarked - Prison Library ProjectThis weekend I went to Perma Dirty to participate (and hang out with my friends) in the mail art workshop. Mail art is anything you want it to be. Basically you find something you want to mail and send it without packaging through the mail to another person. Could be as simple as a drawing or as oddly shaped and looking as a designed high heel shoe with art glued to the outside of it. The workshop was also to give some light to an awesome program to help the prison library project you check them out here.

I bought a cool wrestler action figure from the 99 cent store. He had a mohawk and no shirt. I gave him a cool speech bubble and the address to mail it to and was done pretty quick. I also drew on a white envelope that I plan on sticking something in, I just don’t know what. All of these items will be auctioned off for charity so putting something fun for the buyer would be cool. Maybe a mix CD or me talking for an hour about all kinds of things. I’ll figure it out.

It was very fun to hang with my art friends and wife and make work. My wife got so jazzed to be in the creative mood that she started working on a new project when she got home and let her creativity run wild. My daughter had fun for a little bit then started getting withdrawals from being away from her internet friends for longer than a couple hours.

If you get a chance visit this website and send in your own mail art:

For more examples check out this page that has a bunch of examples:

New Experiences For My Kid

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My Little Princess

I have always tried to expose my daughter to new things. I want her to live her life without the fear that plagued me as a child. I believe I have done a pretty good job and she is fearless compared to where I was at her age and what I had experienced by this time in my childhood. She has been an actor in my short movies, she currently runs the radio show with me that we produce online, she is taking acting classes at school and plans to be a voice actor when she is an adult. She has never been afraid to try something to eat, vegetables were never a problem, she loves sushi, and she is very adventurous with meals. She has some kind of weird aversion to riding a bike that I don’t understand but for the most part new experiences haven’t been a problem for her. When we’re in public I make her ask for directions and assistance to get used to not being afraid to talk to people. For some reason though she doesn’t want to go to a dance at her school.

There is a Sadie Hawkins dance coming up and the girls are supposed to ask the boys to go. It’s not a formal dance so she wouldn’t have to dress up with the gowns and the corsage or anything like that. People at school were bugging her to ask her friend to go and she was not about to do that. Now my kid is kind of a tom boy and not the most dance it up and act girly kind of chick, so a dance is not in her natural desires. Being the parent I am I will try my best to encourage her to have all the experiences in life possible without fear, even the ones she thinks are stupid. Case in point: I haven’t shown her one movie from my childhood that she didn’t complain about watching before she even started watching it. Every one of them, ok maybe not every one but most of them, she has enjoyed and had fun with all the way through it. The problem is getting her to sit down and stop complaining long enough to start enjoying the movie.

I tried to tell her that she should experience at least one dance even if the experience is negative because it will be a memory from her childhood that she can take with her forever. She won’t have to wonder what it would have been like because she will have experienced it for herself. She can’t get over the fact that it is a dance and she doesn’t want to dance. I will keep working on her and see if I can get this thing to happen. I would love to hear how it went after she got out of her comfort zone and tried something new. Knowing her once she gets there she will have fun and forget that she didn’t want to go in the first place. My job is to keep encouraging her to try new things and not be afraid of them. Maybe I need to be like the parents in 16 Candles that brought their kid to the dance and forced him through the door.

Me At 16 With My Acid Wash Jacket

Cooking With The Kid

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My Daughter and I entered a Pie Making contest yesterday. We were invited to a party that a friend of ours throws every year in their garden. Along with the potluck, party, and hanging in their beautiful garden, they invite people to make pies and enter for 3 bux into a contest. I came up with an idea for a Cherry pie with cheesecake on top. When I went to the store to buy the cherries I found the cost to be prohibitive for a friendly pie contest (it would have cost me 20 bux to buy the cherries, no way). So I chose the cheaper option of strawberry pie with cheesecake on top. I made the crust the night before and then my daughter and I made the pie all day. I say all day because we had to go back to the store about 4 times and we finished the pies about an hour and half before the party which was at 6pm.

I love cooking with my daughter and she seems to enjoy herself after she gets over the fact that I forced her off the computer/texting to help me. We usualy have lots of things to discuss while we hang together in the kitchen and make whatever it is we’re making. With the pie she helped me prep and clean the fruit, prep the cream cheese filling that coated the bottom of the pies, and get things out of the fridge or into the trash as we moved through the process.

I usually force my kid to hang with me. She will chose to stay online or in her room if I don’t make her go with me. She usualy bitches about it but after we get out into the world to shop or go run some errands, she has fun and we laugh about lots of things together. I even started posting quotes on my Twitter and Facebook called Zoe Quotes because she is so hilarious. I am grateful that I have such a close relationship with my daughter because as I have seen and heard from many women in the world and Dads aren’t holding up their end of the bargain in the majority of cases. I couldn’t imagine shopping weekly without her by my side cracking jokes and getting the groceries purchased. I couldn’t imagine not sharing her ups and downs and trying to give her advice that she ignores and or mocks.


Yummy Pie, now get it out of the house before i eat it.

We didn’t win the pie contest (even though ours was the most eaten) but we did win yet another awesome experience together which will live with her for the rest of her life. I hope I can always be there to give her the positive  experiences she remembers and not the negative ones she tries to forget.

If you want to see the pictures of our pie making adventures click this link

If you want to follow my daughter and I on Facebook click here

If you want our almost award winning pie recipe click this link

Zoe Quotes: My Teenager Thinks This Book Is Stupid

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I have been collecting quotes from my young daughter (she is sixteen now so maybe not so young). I have quite a few and almost enough for a fun little book of quotes. Everyone who reads them on my Twitter or Facebook account loves them and they keep telling me she needs a show on TV, a book of these quotes, or her own Twitter page. I post them on my Twitter page which links back to Facebook so if you want to keep up on her current quotes you can follow either. So I have all these quotes and I would like to put together a little book. I call them Zoe quotes because that is her name, but I was thinking that on a worldwide selling standpoint I would need to come up with something more generic. I have been tossing around these names for the book instead of Zoe Quotes:


Little Zoe All Grown Up

  • Kid Quotes (to generic, and it’s one kid and this makes it sounds plural like I polled a bunch of kids)
  • Teenager Quotes (Same as the one above)
  • My Goofy Kid and the Stuff She Says (Too long but it does capture the essence of what the book is)
  • Quotes From a Teenager (Blah, I’m not liking where this is going)
I don’t know what to call it. Maybe the four or five people who actually read this blog will have an answer. Your thoughts in the comments below would be appreciated.
I also have been pondering what kind of format to use. Yeah I have a bunch of quotes, not enough to make a 365 day calendar but a bunch. I don’t want to just throw them into book as is and leave it at that. I would like to type something up about each one. Maybe a little history about the quote. That would mean I would have to remember stuff. I am not so good at remembering stuff. Or maybe another funny anecdote to go along with it. I used to do stand up comedy and the bulk of my routine was quotes or things Zoe did turned into comedy bits. I am leaning towards writing little comedy bits on each quote so people could read the quote then laugh at the bit that proceeds it. I am way open to any suggestions. I will for sure be self publishing this. Anyone who helps with ideas will get a free advanced copy if this ever come to fruition.
I asked Zoe what she though about the book idea and she said “I don’t know, sounds stupid.” Maybe I should call it that. My Teenager Thinks This Book Is Stupid.
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