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Slayer – Repentless – New Album Review

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Slayer - Repentless Out Sep 2015

Slayer – Repentless Out Sep 2015

Slayer is back with another hard hitting finger melting album. A ton has changed in the band since just the last album. They’ve lost their co-founding guitarist Jeff Hanneman, Dave Lombardo has once again left the band which he says is for good this time, and they’ve picked up a new permanent replacement on guitar in Gary Holt from Exodus. So this album has a lot of weight on it from us Slayer fans hoping that it will live up to what we expect from a Slayer album.

The opening track Delusions of Saviour is a Metalica-esc intro that is a little weak and could have easily been left out. I will probably be skipping the track when I listen to the album and if it came on in a shuffle it’s pointless and a little sophomoric at best. That song leads directly in to Repentless which has been on the internet for sometime as a teaser for what’s to come.

The song is Slayer for sure but feels like some of their older material from World Painted Blood and Christ Illusion with new lyrics. I don’t dislike the song, but it doesn’t feel fresh enough for a new album. This track feels very much like the Punk cover album they released years ago. The next song Take Control has that same punk feel to it and Tom sounds great on vocals.

Slayer has always been my favorite metal band and the impetus of this has been the drumming of Dave Lombardo. When I heard that Paul was back and Dave out for good I was pretty bummed. Paul’s style, while fitting Slayer well, was still not exactly what I wanted to hear. With the next song Vices you get to hear just what Paul is great at which is hard pounding quick fills and double bass slamming. This album, in my opinion, is the best technically sounding album that Paul has been on. The recording and the mix are great and and even though it’s not my favorite drummer of all time, it’s a great second for this album.

For me what really shines on this album are the slower grinding songs. Slayer can do fast and hard hitting mosh pit music even though they could be considered grandparents to the Metal age, but on this album the slower hard crunching music like Cast the First Stone and When the Stillness Comes (the next two tracks) are what make this offering stand out. I don’t know if it’s a maturing of my tastes or that these tracks feel like a new album but I loved them.

LEFT TO RIGHT:  Tom Araya, Gary Holt, Paul Bostaph, Kerry King

LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Araya, Gary Holt, Paul Bostaph, Kerry King

The new sounding tracks continue from here with Chasing Death and Implode. I really wish they had put these tracks in the first part of the album, but I understand people want that hard hitting slam you in the face metal first and foremost. Implode is a great mix of the slower hard song style mixed with the old speed metal riffs and so is Piano Wire.

The next track Atrocity Vendor seems out of place in the mix. All the sudden this song, which to me sounds like teenagers in a garage trying to make metal, interrupts the grove of the album. The riffs just don’t make sense on why they were included in the album. It’s Slayer, but it sounds to me like Slayer playing some kid’s song or something they never released from the 80’s (but I can see why).

You Against You is a decent song but fairly generic filler Slayer. It doesn’t stand out like some of the early tracks and it’s obvious why they stuck it towards the end of the album. It’s not bad but it’s not great either. Some of the solo work in it is on point though and it’s worth a listen a few times.

And we come to the sad end of my review and this album with Pride in Prejudice. This track should have been the opening track in my opinion. It brings the slower heavy guitar I’ve been talking about and some unforgettable riffs. I can see slow mosh pits circling in my head and when I listen to it I get the chills. I wish the whole album was this stuff. The filler fast riffs just feel like that after a few listens through this weekend. I downloaded first chance I could and I love it as I do all of their albums. I have my good and bad from them all, so it’s not me being nit picky. Pick it up and head bang away metal heads!

Post your comments on my review and this album below and we’ll continue this discussion on the greatest metal band in the world SLAYER!!!

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