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Haunted Helpers

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Circus Freakz

This weekend was the official preview weekend of the Odd Family Haunted House. We usually run on the weekend before Halloween to test out all the scares and make sure everything is working properly. This weekend was pretty dead but we were able to get about 20-30 people through and it worked pretty good. We should be able to take what we learned and fix it up to perfection for the big night on Wednesday.

The thing we were missing the most was help. Our family which is always there were either busy, sick, or just plain MIA. The friend of ours that has been jazzed since last year to come back and help was 30 minutes late, and the people who did show up on time we’re fresh meat so I had a little trepidation about their being left alone in their spot to scare unsupervised. People were starting to line up, I was eating dinner and had yet to even get clothes on, typical crazy preview night. Eventually we got some people in some places and let through a group or two. Luckily we were dead and it was ok to be short handed, but it was hard to tell how things were functioning. Everyone involved still had fun scaring people and we’re looking forward to the big show. One cool thing happened though while we were trying to get things working. Some of the neighbors were hanging out and decided to dawn some clown outfits and scare with us. It was great to have the help but also good to have happy neighbors helping out.

Friends Who Dress Up Together Scare Together

Halloween we will have the opposite problem. So far we have all of our friends who want to be involved slated for the 31st so we will have tons of people and not enough scare spots. If you fill the haunted house with people the scaring is less than if you hide and pop out. I am thinking about some special fun outside for the line that is usually non stop all night long. Hopefully it all works out, but really the more the merrier when it comes to screaming and terrorizing the neighborhood. I hope everyone plans for some fun of their own and I’m truly sad for the kids that are on the East coast dealing with the Franken Storm. Stay safe and get candy.


A Haunting We Will Go

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This is my favorite time of year. The weather starts being palatable, spooky decorations come out, and the chocolate is abundant at every turn. Every year my family and I run a haunted house in the garage. It’s a month long ordeal decorating and building the garage into a scary maze for all the locals in my town to visit. We get a solid stream of people coming through from 7pm to 10pm ever year.

Undead Crawler

This year we’re going back to our staple, clowns. We have a bunch of clown stuff and all of our helpers have shown a lot of excitement to be a part of the circus of freaks this year. As always it’s less than a week from opening night and I am behind on the build. I hope to have a functioning house by our preview night this Saturday. We will be fully functional for sure on Halloween. I got sick in the middle of the month as well which hasn’t sped anything up. Hacking and climbing ladders doesn’t go together very well.

Body Parts


We do up the garage pretty good for a local non-profit haunted house. We always get tons of praise. If you would like to check out pictures of some of our previous years or follow our house’s progress and get directions check out our Facebook page. This will be our 15th year doing a haunted house and third doing clowns. More photos to come once we get the sign up, and hopefully the clown mouth entrance completed, this weekend. Hope you and yours have a great holiday.

Blacklit Clown

Mini Odd Weekend Fun

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Mini Me gave Dr. Evil a cute little side kick to hatch his evil plans. He could sit on his lap and they would laugh together, but no one ever saw the behind the scenes where Dr. Evil’s leg would cramp from having that little guy perched there for so long.

Odd Puppet

The Great Odd Handheld

As some of you may or may not know I moonlight as The Great Odd. I answer questions and generally act silly while sitting in a giant gold box identical to the small one in the picture above. I have also had one other incarnation of The Great Odd with my Gold painted suit and Box on my head. This month for the Walking Gallery in Pomona the theme was Muppets so I had to make a puppet. (Not that it was required of the gallery but being that puppets are so interactive I had to.) I made the puppet and tested out my sound system that morning and was pretty proud of my work. I never know how well things will go on the streets but as usual it went very well. People love to ask the The Great Odd questions. By the end of the night things got more raunchy, also as usual for Pomona, but for the most part it was all just good fun with no feelings hurt.

I find it “Odd”, no pun intended, that my Great Odd persona and gimmick keep shrinking. My wife jokingly said the next thing will be finger puppets and now I have to do that. The only thing will be where do I mount the speakers? Maybe I could mount them on my shoulders like little amplified shoulder pads. I’ll figure it out and of course post info on how it went. As for this weekend’s puppet Odd things went great. I covered my face as well to keep the mystery alive with the fans of The Great Odd and answered all the standards like “What’s the meaning of life?” and “Will I get laid soon?” but also some other good ones like “Am I male or female?” At the end of the night this was not one of my favorite ways to present the Odd due to the nature of the puppet. My arm and shoulder were killing me from holding it up all night and waving it in people’s faces yelling “Ask me a question!” I’m not sure if I would do this one again, but it was fun to try it out. If you would like the Great Odd to show up for one of your parties just message me.

Mini Odd Next To Big Odd

Mini Odd Next To Big Odd

For video of this weekend check my Facebook. For past videos check my Youtube.

Festival Of Art

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This weekend my wife and I shared a booth at the local college for their art festival. There were quite a few cool artists running booths but not so much crowd. Colleges on a weekend are pretty quiet and there isn’t much thorough-fair or street traffic in that area. We did have a ton of family show up to hang out and talk but that ended up filling the booth so that I couldn’t get in and I got my head burnt standing in the sun all day 😦 Oh well, it was a good exercise to get the stuff out and put up a booth to see the process so I know what to expect if we want to do another one some day in the future. Also we got some prints made while we were hanging out!

After the festival from Saturday afternoon to Sunday night I worked on my haunted house. This will be our 15th year doing them! We chose clowns as this year’s theme which will be the third time we’ve done them. They are always a hit with the performers. The name of this year’s house is Circus Freaks. I got the whole garage emptied out (which is no small feat) and half the walls up. Once I start making some progress I’ll probably post some pictures. If you live in the area you can find out all the info on the Haunted House Facebook Page.

Figuratively Drawing Attention To Myself

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Tonight I went to Perma Dirty in Claremont for their first figure drawing session. I was planning to draw and pay my $10 bux and hang out but I got invited to model instead. I had posted on the event page “When can I model?” and Bob Hurton took me up on it. We planned together for me to show up in costume and pose. I put together a super hero outfit of sorts with boxer briefs and a home made mask and scooter. I wanted to bring a BMX bike but it wouldn’t fit in my trunk. There’s always next time.

Sexxy and I Know It

Super Odd

I didn’t think it would be as tough as it was to sit still. The 10 minute poses on my side and laying down were pretty killer and gave me some serious neck and back cramps. The hardest of all was my sitting pose ala the thinker which I held for 20 minutes. My daughter was there helping out for her community service (for government class not because she is a hooligan  and someone asked her if she was disturbed by my poses and her response was, “I’ve seen worse.” I don’t know if she meant she’s seen worse from me or from somewhere else. Bob got me some Reeses Peanut Butter cups as payment but I really would have done this for free. I love trying new things and this was certainly a first.

I need some suggestions for other outfits for figure drawing. I’m not sure if I can do the “Full Monty” as Bob put it, but you never know, I may be down to get crazy. Thanks so much to Jad for being there to help me along the way tonight as well. I couldn’t have done it without the support of everyone at Perma Dirty and my awesome family. I love you all.

Leo Dicaprio I'm Ready For My Portrait

Kate Winslet Aint Got Nothing On Me

Haunted House, Modeling, and Art Festival – October Is Busy

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Haunted House 2011

October is the month of craziness at my house. We prepare the garage all month for our annual haunted house (15th year this year). During that time I also have my normal items to fit in. Some of them, sadly, have to be skipped. I’m afraid I will probably miss the second Saturday art walk in Pomona this month. It sucks too because I really wanted to be a part of the Muppet themed event. Who knows, it may still happen.

This week will be my first creative expression of the month. The local gallery in Claremont, Perma Dirty Project Space, is holding it’s first figure drawing night. I was excited to attend just to draw and be social. I had to open my big mouth, or actually my keyboard, and posted on the event page, “When can I model?” I was joking but within the day I was already a part of the event and will be the last model of the night in what should be one of my most embarrassing public displays yet. I shall post photos on my Facebook page if I can stand to look at them once it’s over.

This weekend I have to run an art booth up at the local college and hopefully sell some of my prints. I will be doing live printing if weather permits and my wife will be selling her wares as well. She has some amazing work that over shadows my attempts to catch up to her brilliance. If you’re in town come on up to Chaffey College in Rancho Cucamonga on Saturday.

Young At Heart Festival

It looks like I’m going to have to work on the haunted house during the week since my weekends are pretty full. It doesn’t help that it’s still hitting the 100’s out here. Being in the garage in that heat is just not gonna happen. When is Fall gonna arrive already?! Wish me luck as a model this Wednesday!


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