Animals Make Me Nutz

I will pee on your couch

Venus The Wonder Poodle

I love animals. I love my animals. I have three cats and a dog (toy poodle, so basically four cats). But they also make me nutz. The dog pees all over the place. No matter how much we try to train her and give her treats for going outside she will still hop on the couch every now and then and let go the bladder from hell. The cats can’t make up their mind what is going on. The orange and white one is oblivious to anything but petting, the gray and white one walks around the house crying all day and night and attacking the other animals, and the kitten is tearing up all the furniture and our skin and beating up on the dog. But theey’re so fluffy and cuddly you might say, does that make up for all this?

I don’t know if it does or not. I seem to be more frustrated with them lately than usual. Maybe since I turned 40 I have less tolerance for their bullshit. Maybe the kitten added a new dynamic that is driving the other three insane. Who knows but they better get their shit together or they’re all going to be outside animals soon.

If you can sympathize leave your crazy pet stories in the comment section below.

I want to lick your salty body

Tongue Of Sand


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