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Mailing Away For A Good Cause

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PostMarked - Prison Library ProjectThis weekend I went to Perma Dirty to participate (and hang out with my friends) in the mail art workshop. Mail art is anything you want it to be. Basically you find something you want to mail and send it without packaging through the mail to another person. Could be as simple as a drawing or as oddly shaped and looking as a designed high heel shoe with art glued to the outside of it. The workshop was also to give some light to an awesome program to help the prison library project you check them out here.

I bought a cool wrestler action figure from the 99 cent store. He had a mohawk and no shirt. I gave him a cool speech bubble and the address to mail it to and was done pretty quick. I also drew on a white envelope that I plan on sticking something in, I just don’t know what. All of these items will be auctioned off for charity so putting something fun for the buyer would be cool. Maybe a mix CD or me talking for an hour about all kinds of things. I’ll figure it out.

It was very fun to hang with my art friends and wife and make work. My wife got so jazzed to be in the creative mood that she started working on a new project when she got home and let her creativity run wild. My daughter had fun for a little bit then started getting withdrawals from being away from her internet friends for longer than a couple hours.

If you get a chance visit this website and send in your own mail art:

For more examples check out this page that has a bunch of examples:


Making Some Prints

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Now Available on Etsy

Woodcut Print on Card Stock

I started cutting some linocuts months, maybe even a year ago, and finally got them printed this weekend. I was also able to seal and print my one woodcut as well. Feels good to make some progress on some long awaited creative printing. I chose to do Super Grover for my linocut. I wanted to make a three piece print that I could mail to three people and give them instructions on how to find the other halves and then they could find each other and combine them to make one piece. I had some issues with the Grover piece early on and it took the wind out of my sails. I was so discouraged that I shelved the whole project for months. I had cut the G on his chest backwards and it bummed me out. What I did to fix it was cut the G out and my plan was to just color in a G with a marker. It wasn’t what I planned but sometimes that’s how things work out.

My woodcut was just a spur of the moment “hey try this out” type of project. I didn’t plan much. I had wanted to do Oscar the Grouch for a while in some capacity, (and I think I may still do a stencil or two featuring Oscar in the future). I also wanted to try doing an acetone transfer to wood using a laser print out to see if I could get a base image to cut out. That worked very well and then I cut my first wood cut using the tools my wife had. That was months ago. The cut took me an hour but I didn’t know how to seal it. I finally got off my ass and figured it out and sealed and printed it this weekend.

While printing postcards with Oscar’s face (which are available now on my Etsy page) I got another idea. I always liked the fact the Oscar’s trashcan was beat up and under it was a large apartment space. Thinking about that I got an idea to print the Oscar face on a trashcan. I have a print show that I am going to be in and I have to drop my pieces off this week. For that show I wanted to do something more than just the postcard, which looked cool but are kind of small. So I decided to print out a picture of a trashcan and then print my woodcut on top of it. I liked the way it came out and I am glad to be able to submit that for the show.

My daughter wants me to do Elmo next. I’m not sure what but I am thinking something to do with tickling. I will post some pics on my Facebook and maybe here when I finish that one. I want to do a larger cut. I have done mostly small cuts up until now and I would like to move up in size to challenge myself. Just typing this I am getting some good ideas. Sesame Street was such a huge part of my childhood and my daughter’s so it feels good doing prints of something so iconic and positive.

All in all it’s been a productive weekend. My wife is also getting into a no technology addiction kick so I see even more creativity versus mindless internet time wasting in my future. I will continue to keep the progress updated on this blog and my Facebook

Vacation Laziness

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Just getting back from vacation. Brought several things with me to be creative and didn’t do much but stare at them and then take a nap or go swimming in the nearby lake. Now that I’m home it’s a thousand degrees outside and I really don’t feel like doing anything. I must print some pieces I have finished in the garage though and get them submitted to a show I am going to be in soon. Also I didn’t write any poetry like I told myself I would be writing tons of. Oh well, the downtime was more than awesome and I needed that.

I go back to work tomorrow and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone and explaining how much I miss vacation over and over when people ask me about it. I’ll get to work soon enough but until then I get to go to work for a pretty awesome company that helps me take these fun vacations.

Once I get some prints done I’ll post pics and details of the show when I get those as well. Off to sleep for now.


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