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New Experiences For My Kid

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My Little Princess

I have always tried to expose my daughter to new things. I want her to live her life without the fear that plagued me as a child. I believe I have done a pretty good job and she is fearless compared to where I was at her age and what I had experienced by this time in my childhood. She has been an actor in my short movies, she currently runs the radio show with me that we produce online, she is taking acting classes at school and plans to be a voice actor when she is an adult. She has never been afraid to try something to eat, vegetables were never a problem, she loves sushi, and she is very adventurous with meals. She has some kind of weird aversion to riding a bike that I don’t understand but for the most part new experiences haven’t been a problem for her. When we’re in public I make her ask for directions and assistance to get used to not being afraid to talk to people. For some reason though she doesn’t want to go to a dance at her school.

There is a Sadie Hawkins dance coming up and the girls are supposed to ask the boys to go. It’s not a formal dance so she wouldn’t have to dress up with the gowns and the corsage or anything like that. People at school were bugging her to ask her friend to go and she was not about to do that. Now my kid is kind of a tom boy and not the most dance it up and act girly kind of chick, so a dance is not in her natural desires. Being the parent I am I will try my best to encourage her to have all the experiences in life possible without fear, even the ones she thinks are stupid. Case in point: I haven’t shown her one movie from my childhood that she didn’t complain about watching before she even started watching it. Every one of them, ok maybe not every one but most of them, she has enjoyed and had fun with all the way through it. The problem is getting her to sit down and stop complaining long enough to start enjoying the movie.

I tried to tell her that she should experience at least one dance even if the experience is negative because it will be a memory from her childhood that she can take with her forever. She won’t have to wonder what it would have been like because she will have experienced it for herself. She can’t get over the fact that it is a dance and she doesn’t want to dance. I will keep working on her and see if I can get this thing to happen. I would love to hear how it went after she got out of her comfort zone and tried something new. Knowing her once she gets there she will have fun and forget that she didn’t want to go in the first place. My job is to keep encouraging her to try new things and not be afraid of them. Maybe I need to be like the parents in 16 Candles that brought their kid to the dance and forced him through the door.

Me At 16 With My Acid Wash Jacket


You DO to much, homeboy you never slow down

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I do to much stuff during the week. I am getting burned out but I am also not wanting to get rid of any of my activities. I run a video channel with my daughter on youtube, which we are behind on updating. I run a radio show with her once, sometimes twice, a week on I write in the morning when I haven’t been working late or stressing out all night and not sleeping. I work a full time job which is an hour commute one way minimum every day. I try to get in some art and drawing when I can. I am reading a book currently on my Kindle app on my iPhone. I am planning a haunted house for this Halloween season. I am currently trying to sell three different writing projects that I have finished. (Trying to sell meaning I am putting in time only when I have it, which is almost never, into selling them.) I need to catch a break soon before I go nutz. I did get my first publishing offer though. It was for a short 100 word micro story I wrote.  Nice to finally start getting momentum. A very good friend of mine says I just need to keep my mind and eyes open for the clues God is sending me. It’s obvious my subconscious (side not I just spelled subconscious without spell check on the first try, winning!) is trying to move me in a new direction I just need to be aware and on the look out for the opportunities (whoa, another word with no spell check, 2 in a row biatch!). Maybe I need to start two new projects and that will get me where I want to be? That or this blog will take off and I will get more than 4 readers? I just know that I feel like a monkey with a grape. I better let go of something or it’s gonna kill me.

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