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I haven’t posted in a while. But no one is reading this blog anyway, so who gives a f$%#. My Actual job has been in nightmare mode on the Murphy’s law project from hell for about a month now, and we’re finally winding down. I am so sick of being stressed out beyond my limit. My eyes are starting to feel normal and I have projects coming that I may actually be able to work on. My writing has suffered some as a result but I have managed to squeeze in some progress on my script and I began editing my finished nonfiction book as well. Which brings me to my current dilemma.

I started looking for an agent the other day for my nonfiction book which nears completion as you read this. I found an agency that had a title so similar to mine that I about had a heart attack. I went to Amazon and looked it up and the book is almost the same, as far as title and content, as mine. WTF?! My heart sank and I went into a deep 30 minute depression. This depression has started to try and worm its way back into my head ever since, and I have to struggle to keep it at bay. I thought to myself “Someone else wrote the same book I am working on. I thought of this idea four years ago and I could have gotten it out, but never worked on it and now someone has an almost identical book out. Oh my God, it’s over.” But is it?

I talked with friends and family and did a bunch of reading in my artist way book, and a few other spiritual books I have been reading lately in the morning, and the answer was clear. Don’t give up and keep on trudging. Just because the book looks the same doesn’t mean it’s better or identical. So I ordered it. I put the editing on hold until I get a chance to look it over. I may be able to improve my book and make it shine above the existing ones out there. (I found two more by the way). Nonfiction how to books on certain subjects are plentiful. How many script writing and how to writing books have I read over the years? So why is three books like mine making me quake in my boots? I am new to the game of moving my material past my keyboard so I have to settle down and relax. There is room for me out there, I just have to keep trying.

I need a plan. The plan right now is to focus on my current project. I will write my script and keep going with that, and wait for the book that looks like mine to show up in the mail. Once I get that I will analyze it and see where I can make improvements to my work. I can’t go selling an identical book, but if I make a better one, or different in my own unique way, then I may still have a chance. I can’t let this thing stop my forward progress. Maybe my book never sells, maybe it does. But my current project needs to forge on to completion. Never stop writing.

I can only hope for the best for my little book project. If it wasn’t meant to be then it’s time to move on. But I’m not giving up on it. I put a lot of work into it and I’m prepared to go to the matt is that is what it takes.


Trudging My Way Through a New Script

Posted in Writer's Blox with tags , , , , , on July 4, 2009 by Dustin

Script writing has a lot of rules. I have a hard enough time sticking to the rules of writing. I read the Elements of Style this month and I need to get a reference copy. The rules set forth in EOS are a good refresher course on grammar and punctuation rules. I also read a book called the Hollywood Standard which lays down the law on script formats. Both of these books I need to add to my reference arsenal.

I started last month on a new script. I have never written one but I had the idea and I finished my first draft for my non-fiction book, so what the hell. I had downloaded this free software for script writing that looked easy enough to use. ( ) . I watched their tutorials and read a few books on script writing and I’m off.

So far so good; although I did try some self sabotage last week. I was typing away and realized my dialogue that day was suckin. Then based on a bad day of script prose, I started doubting my ability to even create a script. “This dialogue is lame,” “My idea isn’t original anyway,” “What am I thinking, so many scripts get written every year, how is mine gonna go anywhere?” That kind of bullshit talk always gets me stuck. I recognized it though, as soon as it started infecting my brain. Finding that negativity and weeding it out is all I can do.

When I start having negative thoughts about my creative endeavors, I need to stop it in it’s tracks and turn off that part of my mind. I’m not going in reverse because of fear and doubt. Yeah my dialogue may not be coming out perfect, or maybe even good, but I need to trudge on. I cannot make it to the end without putting one foot in front of the other. How am I supposed to fix the dialogue of the first draft if I don’t finish the first draft? So I move forward.

At some point I have to put down the tutorial books and advice columns on script writing. It’s a tactic of mine to hide in books and columns and websites and advice, then never do the work. It’s all fear and I don’t want to live in it anymore. I want to live in progress and progression means moving. If I sit still and read and justify to myself that I am “Researching” I can indefinitely research myself into non-action. No, action is what I have to live for. I love books and when I am not in action I will continue to read, but I will not let it prevent me from my work today.

The script might not be good, it may not sell. It’s all a learning experience at this point. How do I expect to write amazing scripts when I have never done even one of them? I don’t know exactly what I am doing. I only learned the rules this past month. I cannot expect beginners luck, only expect to move forward and progress. Just admitting that I am afraid is progress for me. Fear is not my keeper today, I am. I refuse to have fear rule my creative work.

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